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In your School, Theater for Equality
COURSE 2021-22


Show aimed at boys and girls from 6 to 10 years old and family audiences


Adela Turin, an Italian writer and art historian, created a series of children's books called "In favor of girls", this series was a benchmark for coeducation and equality.

Currently these books are fully valid and are still necessary. The main objective of Adela Turín's stories was to build a better, more egalitarian world, free of sexist stereotypes and discrimination.

Candy pink, along with Arturo y Clementina, the company's previous show, are the most recognized titles in the series worldwide.


A story for equality

Arturo and Clementina are two turtles in love who decide to share their lives. Clementina is cheerful, lively and a dreamer, and Arturo carries the responsibility of supporting her and offering her everything he considers valuable. But the criteria of both are very different. While Clementina wants to feel the art and life creating, Arturo only values the already consecrated culture and laughs at his partner's “naivety” in wanting to develop different artistic activities.

Clementina carries her partner's prejudices and insecurities on her back, until she finds herself totally imprisoned.

When Clementina runs away from that suffocating protection, Arturo does not understand how she rejects all his efforts to offer her a gifted life full of valuable objects.

THE LITTLE SPECTATOR 23 of  april  2019

Elena Capote

We arrived at the theater with the promise of finding ourselves with a play that had won no more and no less than the 2016 FETÉN Special Award . Also that, according to the Teatralia catalog, it was a theater of puppets, shadows and cinematographic effects. Without really understanding what they meant by that last term, and without much more information about the plot, we decided to spend a nice afternoon at the theatre. Objective that was more than fulfilled; the show surprised us from the moment we sat down in our seats.

While we waited for the actors to appear with hand puppets or marionettes, we looked curiously at a table located on one side of the stage, as one more object of the set in which the play would take place. What was our surprise when that table, precisely, became the stage itself, from which the actions of the characters that we could see on a movie screen were transmitted.

The mastery of the actors to create forms with the sand allowed us to glimpse the characters, the landscapes and the actions that were happening, as if it were magic. Magic that multiplied its effect with the accompaniment of live music, even more vibrant in a small room for the occasion with the help of a curtain, thus managing to introduce the spectators to a relaxing and intimate atmosphere. The voices, the piano and the aesthetics of the projected images followed one another with perfect synchronization , giving the show great beauty and artistic quality .

All this to host a no less surprising argument, taking into account the family audience to which it is directed. Accustomed to children's works presenting themes far from the difficulties of the adult world, Arturo and Clementina presents the story of two turtles who fall in love but who understand relationships in a different way.

Concepts such as equality and freedom versus control and even mistreatment comes to mind for adult viewers during the show. Concepts that, in another way, are also penetrating the little spectators, who begin to realize some of the injustices that are being committed and the importance of treating the people you love well.

Perfect argument for our children to think about values that are so necessary today such as empathy, equality, friendship... And all this, through a beautiful story, full of emotion and literary beauty , which has nothing to do with those merely instrumentalized stories where the moral is too clear. With this, the show ensures that the experience of each viewer is different, unique, depending on the complexity with which the plot is interpreted, thus achieving a highly recommended show for parents and children.


  • SPECIAL FETEN AWARD 2016 for "Arturo and Clementina, concerto for piano and theater of objects" for the sensitivity in addressing the issue of psychological violence and for its musical-theatrical staging with six hands.

  • Honorable Mention for its quality as a children's show at the 33rd edition of the Theater Fair in the South 2016.

  • Alcides Moreno Award 2017 for the curiously told story. Culture Area and the CRAES (Center for Performing and Visual Arts of La Rinconada)

  • "Arturo y Clementina, concerto for piano and theater of objects", is recommended by the artistic commission of the Spanish Network of Public Theaters, Auditoriums, Circuits and Festivals.

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* Premiere at FETEN 2016.

* TIF Granada 2016 (Festival of Performing Arts for children and families).

* PALMA, Andalusian Performing Arts Fair 2016.

* Network of Theaters of the Community of Madrid 2016

* Permanent Circuit of the Provincial Council of Granada 2016.

* Performing Arts Circuit for children and young people in the province     

   of Grenada 2016.

* GET TANGLED 2016,  Andalusian Network of Public Theatres.

* Albacete Provincial Council Theater Network 2016.

* Titeremurcia 2016, Murcia International Puppet Theater Festival.

* PLATEA 2016. State Program for Circulation of Arts Shows  

   scenic. Calderon Theater in Valladolid.

* Program ABECEDARIA 2017, Andalusian Theater Circuit.

*  Festival of Theater and Library of the Sea, Benicassim 2017.

* TOPICS 2017  (Tolosa International Puppet Center).

* PUPPETSCENE 2017, CDN (National Dramatic Center).

* Alhambra Theater in Granada, 2017.

* Library of Salamanca, 2017.

* SAREA 2017, Basque Network of Theatres.

* Palau de las Arts de Valencia, Sala Escalante 2017 programming.

* Program "Tierra de Mujeres" 2017, Córdoba Provincial Council.

* Theater City of Marbella 2017.

* Il luminAR-TE Shadow Theater Festival 2018, Sagunto.

* Arniches Theater 2018, Alicante.

* Auditorium Theater of Alcázar de San Juan, Ciudad Real.

* CIPAEM 2018, Provincial Council of Seville.

* X Rinconcillo Festival, Granada Provincial Council.

* PLATES 2018,  State Program for the Circulation of Arts Shows  

   scenic. Agüimes, El Espinar.

* The Esparto Factory of Cónchar, Programming 2018.

* IV Cycle of the sounds of the word 2018, Tower of Justice, Ensemble         Monument of the Alhambra and Generalife.

* Mostra de Titelles at the Vall D'Albaida 2018, Valencia.

* Festival Earrings of a thread 2018, Madrid.

* Program, "November 25. International day against violence against    

   women"2018, Córdoba Provincial Council.

* Musical program 2019, Teatro Begoña de Sagunto.

* Valencian Institute of Culture 2019, Xirivella, Denia, Sollana.

* Theater 2019.

* FIT Seville 2019, Seville International Puppet Festival.

* Program State Pact against Gender Violence: Íllora, Padul,

   Durcal, Viznar, Lecrin. Algemesi, Pinos Puente. Solana.

* FESTEA 2019, Object and Puppet Theater Festival, Ferrol.

* CAE Festival 2019 (Canary Islands Performing Arts), El Salinero Theater in Lanzarote and

    Guimera Theater of Tenerife.

* Rural Women Program 2019, Córdoba Provincial Council.

* SCENE CIRCUIT 2019, Granada Provincial Council.

* TOUR 2019 of the Network of Alternative Theaters; Utopian Room, Fourth Wall,

   Navarra Theater School, Neighborhood Theater, Ultramar Hall.

* Autumn Festival 2020, Jaén - Darymelia Theatre.




Author of the story:  Adele Turin


Adaptation and direction:  Maruja Gutierrez and Pedro A. Lopez

Design and production of images : Maruja Gutiérrez  

Design and realization of light table: Pedro A. López

Musical composition: Hector E. Marquez

Lyricist: Elena Simionov


Actress and actor: Maruja Gutiérrez and Pedro A. López  


Lighting and sound technician: David Vioque

Video editing: Cynthia Butterworth


Sound video: Felipe Herrera

Animation for Smartphone: Valeriano López

Photography: Juan Antonio Cardenas

Graphic Design: Jacinto Gutierrez




It's a production 

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