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Show aimed at boys and girls from 6 to 10 years old and family audiences


It all starts from a kiss…the goodnight kiss from his mother.

In her bed with two mattresses, her mother, to keep her warm, under the quilt, put  her wadding robe, her father's coat, her aunt Carmela's skirt  and his uncle Jacinto's pants. In the pockets of these garments, forgotten treasures were sometimes found, suggestions so that Nena would sprout the questions that would be the beginning of her adventures.  

The author returns to the distant universe of her childhood, her room, the precarious bed where the first questions were wrapped in solitude and the first fears assailed, becomes the starting point of a journey of initiation.

At the limit of sleep and wakefulness is “Nena”, lost between the sheets of memory and rescued by hands, a metaphor for an encounter between a woman and the girl she was.


The virtual image and the immediate shadows will share the stage space with the actor's body and the presence of the puppets. All this, of course, hand in hand with an original musical score for accordion, which will guide us through this adventure.

Granada TODAY, 16  January 2012, Monica French

Closing the cycle of three shows to celebrate the XVth anniversary of Titiritrán,  Chick  it allows itself to be seen playing between the limits of memory and fantasy, to pay an express tribute to childhood, the girl or the boy that each and every one of us has been, and of course also, to that central pillar that is the mother. This puppet show for girls and boys continues to be a wonderful story: that of the Nena who one day was the woman, the actress who tells us her story, entering her room, discovering the adventures and the beings that accompanied her between the suitcases and the quilt that covered his bed, halfway between the dream of memory and reality.

The show brings together the actress and the manipulator, with the same softness with which her carnal character is projected onto another, and another, and so many others made of rods, gloves or cloth. She, Maruja Gutiérrez, is splendid in both registers. Alone or multiplied, giving life to a whole court of characters: the evil Gran Chacolín, Nena, Osito, the Mother, a regiment of soldiers. My congratulations to Titiritrán, to his fifteen years of company and to his precious know-how. May they fulfill many and many more.


  • Best Director Award at FETEN 2008  and  nominated for best show, best original text, best female performance and best set design.


Original idea: Maruja Gutierrez  

Script and dramaturgy: Pedro A. López and Maruja gutiérrez

Direction:  Pedro A. Lopez and Maruja Gutierrez


Puppet manipulation:  Maruja Gutierrez  

Stage and puppet design: Maruja Gutiérrez  

Making puppets and objects:  Maruja Gutierrez

Production of scenery:  Maruja Gutierrez and Patricio Altuna

Digital animation:  Joaquin Lopez Cruces

Lighting design: Pedro A. López


Music:  Javier Lopez de Guereña

Accordion: Esteban Algora


Photographs:  Pepe Colsa


Graphic Design: Jacinto Gutierrez

Production and distribution: Titiritrán theater





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