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In your School, Theater for Equality
COURSE 2021-22

Show aimed at boys and girls aged 5  to 10 years and family audience

Rosa Caramelo has been selected to participate in the programming of the Agency for Cultural Institutions of the Junta de Andalucía , in commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women .



Adela Turin, Italian writer and art historian, created a series of children's books called "In favor of girls", this series was a benchmark for coeducation and equality.

Currently these books are fully valid and are still necessary. The main objective of Adela Turín's stories was to build a better, more egalitarian world, free of sexist stereotypes and discrimination.

Rosa Caramelo, along with Arturo y Clementina, the company's previous show, are the most recognized titles in the series worldwide.


A story for equality

T itiritran Theater is a theater company  with a great professional career dedicated to creating puppet and object theater shows, facilitating the development of experiences around the creation  to spread and transmit values.

Her new show Rosa Caramelo, conscience, discloses and communicates a change of values that dismantles stereotypes and gender roles that are deeply rooted in this society, promoting a critical vision in this matter.

Through the show Rosa Caramelo we help to achieve a change of mentality to build a better world through awareness, giving value to the role of women in society, eradicating sexist and discriminatory stereotypes, generating behaviors  peaceful, non-violent and egalitarian.

In the herd all the elephants are pink, except for Margarita. And soon she will discover that her sex is forbidden to do things reserved for males. By not accepting that tradition, Margarita will show her companions that equality is not a utopia.

In this story by Adela Turín, issues such as the cult of the image are raised, criticism of a society that predestines the future of its individuals and classifies them according to their gender. But, above all, it is a song to freedom and equality.


Pedro Olalla - Echegaray Theater in Malaga, November 2020

Theater director and history teacher


How to travel through the mental labyrinth of a childhood trapped in the feverish dream of adults? How to untie the knot of the stereotype, that mental cage through which we drain everything that makes us uncomfortable to look at?

This daring theater company performs a major piece. Over the notes of a thrilling cello, he raises a monument to coexistence. A devastating look at the cracks in conventional education. Without overreacting. No underlining. No voices.

The cries and whispers of the 21st century served in the craft laboratory of a wooden box whose heart dreams of changing the world.  Sometimes talent has no forms. It unfolds into two characters that overflow with creativity. How to capture the magic in the rectangle of a landscape of footprints on the sand of life?

A nineteenth-century aesthetic that drinks from the oriental tradition launches arrows of light on the astonished eyes of the public. All the mystery of shadow theater to illuminate our fears and our doubts. Fascinating...



Author of the story:  Adele Turin


Adaptation and direction:  Maruja Gutierrez and Pedro A. Lopez

Design and production of images and puppets : Maruja Gutiérrez  

Design and realization of light table: Pedro A. López and  Maruja Gutierrez  

Musical composition: Hector E. Marquez

Cellist: Álvaro Peregrina

Lyricist:  Maruja Gutierrez


Actress and actor: Maruja Gutiérrez and Pedro A. López  


Lighting and sound technician: David Vioque

Video edition:  Durcatel


Photography: Juan Antonio Cardenas

Graphic Design: Jacinto Gutierrez


  • Candy Pinkhas beennominatedaBest show for children and familyin theVIII Lorca Awards 2022(Andalusian Academy of Performing Arts).




* Premiere at FETEN 2020, Gijón.

* Meetings I SEE YOU 2020, Valladolid.

* Echegaray Theater 2020, Malaga.

* Christmas 2020 at the Alhambra Theater, Granada.

* Teatralia 2021: Leganés, Alcorcón, Las Rozas, Paracuellos del Jarama, Getafe,

   San Lorenzo del Escorial, Mostoles.

* State Pact against gender violence: Albolote, Algemesí, Cantillana, Vejer de la Frontera, Guadalcazar.  

* Metropolitan Forum of La Coruña, 2021.

* FIT Sevilla 2021.

* Cónchar esparto grass factory 2021.

* Il·luminAr-te Festival 2022, Sagunto.




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