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Show aimed at boys and girls from 6 to 10 years old and family audiences

Does a circus fit inside a closet?   Well, just as there is joy or fear in the heart of each person!

Are the chains strong enough to catch a lot of stares? Never if they look in the same direction!

Dear public! Big   and little! Chickens and ducks! Look at everything that comes out of this closet! The chained elephant, the laying hen cabaret, the dancing mermaid…

  Everyone   together   against   the tyranny of Baldo, the director.

This little circus opens its doors to show fragility, humour, exclusion, what is different…!

Open your heart, come out of your closet, let out your laughter and your  tears! 

We are sure you will come back...


In this show we open the doors of the old wardrobe, the usual wardrobe, that place where garments are kept, which, like ideas, we think are old-fashioned and that, over time, come back to live among us.

We invite you to join us and learn about the story of Ossi and her circus companions, of how together they manage to get out of a difficult situation, caused by the arrival of a new director who, under the promise of saving the circus from its ruin, imposes artists to tasks that only benefit their own interest.

Ossi the tightrope walker bear, Lupe the singing hen and Marina the dancing mermaid are the only artists left in our circus, their situation is difficult, they can barely survive. Lupe  he misses the abundance of popcorn from the good old days, when audiences flocked in tight lines to see the show.

New news has just arrived, Baldo Ratolino will be the new director of this circus. Hope shines in Ossi's eyes when he listens to the new director's promises of success -with your effort and my intelligence we will reach the top!- Says Mr. Ratolino on the back of his chained elephant.

Ferrán Baile CHRONICLE FETEN 2014

An interesting proposal and montage. There are enough successes, both in the impressive puppets, and in the staging in which shadows are also used, to make it a recommendable show and very different from the conventional offer... Your willingness to seek new paths in his shows, taking risks with his proposals and his always precise and impeccable staging. It is undoubtedly one of the most important Andalusian companies with the best track record.


  • Prize  at the 30th International Title Show at Vall D'Albaida 2014     "For his reflection on power and his imaginative proposal in the transformation of the scenic space"



Screenplay: Maruja Gutiérrez and Pedro A. López


Direction:  Pedro A. Lopez and  Maruja Gutierrez

Actress and actor: Maruja Gutiérrez and Pedro A. López

Design and realization of puppets and objects:  Maruja Gutierrez

Set design: Cristia Malo, Hermanos Valdes ,  Pedro A. Lopez and Maruja Gutierrez

Lighting and sound design:  David Vioque


Music selection:  Pedro A. Lopez and Maruja Gutierrez  

Graphic design:  Maruja  Gutierrez




It's a production 

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