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In your School, Theater for Equality
COURSE 2021-22


TITIRITRAN THEATRE COMPANY came into being in Granada in 1996, the work of Maruja Gutiérrez and Pedro A. López.

The Company's main objective is to develop a language of its own in Puppet and Object Theatre, in addition to facilitating the development of experiences around creation to spread and transmit values. From the perspective of technique and meaning, what interests us is a dialogue between new technologies and traditional techniques.  

Our shows are geared towards schoolchildren aged from four to ten years old, and our experience working with different educational age groups has taught us that productions for these audiences need to be done seriously… with the same seriousness that children dedicate to play.

In our shows, we combine puppetry techniques, careful lighting and original music scores composed for each production.     

Due to its trajectory and the recognitions obtained, Titiritrán Teatro is one of the leading companies in the Theater of puppets and objects.                           




  • Award for the best revelation show at the XIII Theater Fair in the South – 1996

  • Prize for the best plastic production at the Mostra Inter. from Titelles to the Vall D`Albaida – 1998

  • Award for best children's show at the Sala Cánovas (Málaga), season 1999 - 2000




  • Best show at the Theater Fair in the South 1999

  • Best Direction at the Theater Fair in the South 1999

  • Best Original Music at the Theater Fair in the South 1999

  • Best Production at the Theater Fair in the South 1999

  • Mention for the combination of different artistic languages: 16 Mostra de Titelles al Vall d´Albaida 2,000

  • Best plastic proposal at the Fira de Titelles de Lleida 2001




  • Best Puppet Theater Show at FETEN 2003     (European Theater Fair for Children)

  • Award for the best plastic proposal, 14th Fira de Titelles Lleida 2003

  • Third prize at the 6th Mediterranean Festival of Children's Theater in Tunisia 2005




  • Award for best direction at FETEN 2008, and was also nominated for best show FETEN 2008, for best original text, for best female performance and for best set design.




  • Award at the 30th Mostra Internacional de Titelles a la Vall     D´Albaida 2014 “For his reflection on power and his imaginative proposal in the transformation of the scenic space”.




  • Special FETEN 2016 award for “Arturo y Clementina, concerto for piano and theater of objects” for the sensitivity in addressing the issue of psychological violence and for its musical-theatrical staging with six hands.

  • Honorable Mention for its quality as a children's show at the 33rd edition of the Theater Fair in the South 2016.

  • Alcides Moreno Award 2017 for the curiously told story. Culture Area and the CRAES (Center for Performing and Visual Arts of La Rinconada),

  • Arturo y Clementina, concerto for piano and theater of objects", is recommended by the artistic commission of the Spanish Network of Public Theaters, Auditoriums, Circuits and Festivals.

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