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From Titiritrán Teatro we support the Gender Equality Plans of the municipalities in their objective of establishing a climate of coexistence in which the values of respect, non-discrimination and the overcoming of sexist prejudices.

Achieving an education in values that prevents inequality and gender violence is the task of the entire community, including professionals who, from the Performing Arts, contribute to the creation of shows for school and family audiences in order to use theater as a tool for education and work on values, in addition to sharing quality artistic experiences.


In your City, Theater for Equality , we offer the opportunity to bring to your town two shows that stage two works of children's literature that are benchmarks for coeducation and equality.

Adela Turín , Italian writer and art historian, created a series of children's books called "In favor of girls". Currently these books are fully valid and are still necessary. The main objective of Adela Turín's stories was to build a better, more egalitarian world, free of sexist stereotypes and discrimination. Arthur and Clementine and Candy Pink  are two of his most recognized stories worldwide.

Both Arturo and Clementina and Rosa Caramelo were selected to participate in the European Theater Fair aimed at Children and Young People (FETEN 2016 and 2020) and have participated in different programs in relation to equality content throughout the state, receiving the following recognitions:

  • SPECIAL FETEN AWARD 2016 for "Arturo and Clementina, concerto for piano and theater of objects" for the sensitivity in addressing the issue of psychological violence and for its musical-theatrical staging with six hands.


  • Honorable Mention for its quality as a children's show at the 33rd edition of the Theater Fair in the South 2016.

  • Alcides Moreno Award 2017 for the curiously told story. Culture Area and the CRAES (Center for Performing and Visual Arts of La Rinconada),


  • "Arturo y Clementina, concerto for piano and theater of objects", is recommended by the artistic commission of the Spanish Network of Public Theaters, Auditoriums, Circuits and Festivals.


Maruja Gutierrez and Pedro A. Lopez

Co-directors of Titiritrán Teatro


Contact us at:

678 41 97 99

629 45 44 24

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