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Show aimed at boys and girls of 4  to 9  years and family audience

Titiritrán Teatro's debut feature, Cuarto de Cuentos takes place between a table full of books, the dim light of a lamp and the soft tone of a grandmother telling a fascinating story. A show with a strongly narrative, surprising visual plasticity, and that from that initial image of the desk full of books gradually mutates into scenery of forests and swamps, a landscape populated by a multitude of characters, a magical story, a story that, in addition, , knows how to subtly break with the norm of the traditional tale.


Mama Carmen, the traveling grandmother, introduces us to the always surprising world of her Story Room. This time, with the help of Cora, the little mouse, she will tell us the story of Lucila. In which Marcelo, a nice sell-it-all, is trapped by a hairy monster and Lucila, his daughter, a daring girl, enters the forest and after chases, caves full of frogs, orange guachintonas sneaks from China, manages to free him , start a long friendship with the capricious monster and dedicate himself to what he has always dreamed of, being a singer and touring all the stages of the world.


  • Award for the best revelation show; XIII Theater Fair in the South – 1996

  • Prize for the best plastic achievement; Show Inter. from Titelles to the Vall D`Albaida – 1998

  • Award for best children's show, Sala Cánovas, season 1999-2000



Authorship and direction: Maruja Gutiérrez and Pedro A. López


Puppet manipulation:  Maruja Gutierrez and Pedro A. Lopez

Stage and puppet design: Maruja Gutiérrez and Pedro A. López

Making puppets and objects:  Maruja Gutierrez

Set design: Pedro A. López and Maruja Gutiérrez

Lighting and sound design: José M. Carrión


Music: Survivors


Photographs: Imagine


Graphic Design: Jacinto Gutierrez




It's a production 

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