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Christmas programming 2022

The theater of puppets and objects returns to the Cónchar esparto factory.

This Christmas enjoy with family or in the company of friends or why not? give good theatre!

Story Room, Arturo and Clementina, Rosa Caramelo, will be on the billboard this Christmas.


Puppet Theater


 How to buy tickets?

You have three options to buy your tickets

  1. A través de la plataforma de venta        

  2. Or call 629 45 44 24


  3. You can also make a Bizumat 629 45 44 24, indicating the day of the performance and title of the show.

When will the performances take place at the esparto factory?

story room:22(6:00 p.m.),23(6:00 p.m.),24(12:00 p.m.),25(6:00 p.m.) December 2022.

Arthur and Clementine:28,29,30December 2022, at 6:00 p.m.

Candy Pink:6Y7(6:00 p.m.) and8(12:00 p.m.) January 2023.

More information about the shows










Thank you for your collaboration.


Puppet Theater

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